Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Don't Delete This Blog, Volume II

A list of things that make sense to almost nobody:

Augbesians 'n Such

H Birch Nobleshire VII, Earl of Sexington and well-known Arlington playboy

Swint Brickshire, Earl of Chubsbury, heir to the Pantswelle Savoury Pie fortune

Wood Ultimatum



A tiny dog catching a giant Frisbee




Hungry Hungry Hippos

The Bourne Identity

Courtney Lee, future All-Star

Kurt Rambis, Hall of Famer

The Rum District

And Also With You!

Sweater of Discontent

Eye Pepper

I gotta tell you guys, this is pretty great

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Don't Delete This Blog

This is the first in a series of irregular periodic posts consisting of brief, meaningless material (more so, than the prior thousand) with the objective of maintaining a baseline of activity with the hope that the internet doesn't delete this blog.


Friday, December 03, 2010

What a Week + Tribe Playoffs

The unbelievable Auburn-Alabama game, the unwatchably late Boise State game, Barcelona's astonishing dissection of Real Madrid, LeBron manning up in Cleveland, and culminating in the Tribe's return to the playoffs on Saturday, it's been brilliant.

For the Tribe fans out there, it appears as though the game is not being broadcast on "TV", however their may be a stream on the NCAA's website. Visit for the link. It's a 1:30 kickoff. Georgia Southern is the opponent and it's not the greatest draw that a #2 seed could hope to have. They lost 4 games this year, all of which were within 8 points. One loss to Navy, 2 to 1-AA playoff teams and they beat App St. in OT. They're far from the 1st round pushover that seeded teams are accustomed to facing. As usual Georgia Southern runs the option and JMU ate us up on the ground three weeks ago. It's also a rematch of the 2nd best Tribe game I ever attended -- back in 97 we went into their packed house and knocked off #1 GSU led by the other Adrian Peterson 29-28. Awesome game. Fantastic atmosphere. And, the good folks of Statesboro were more than happy to provide refreshing beverages to a bunch of guys who may not have been eligible to receive them at the time. Great people.

This Tribe team is as good as anybody in the country and they are fully capable of winning the national championship. We've already beaten Delaware and Villanova, each of which are title-winning caliber. Every game up to a potential final will be in the friendly confines of Zable Stadium. We're also fully capable of losing this game -- we're 9 point favorites, but the experts at the SportsNetwork picked us to go down. On the plus side, we sort of had 2 weeks to prepare for their offense, as we had a by last week and GSU were heavy favorites in the play-in round.

It's not easy to get 1-AA injury info, but it sounds like Callahan will start at QB and Paulus might still be a week or two away. We might also see some wildcat with QB/WR DJ Mangas behind center.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Qatar Hosts the 2022 World Cup

Qatar. Seriously.

4,400 square miles. 1.8 million people. 110 degree temperatures. And all the rest of the stuff.


Monday, November 29, 2010

How LSU is Different than William and Mary

Part One of Potentially Infinite:

The LSU library 30 minutes prior to kickoff...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Going to LSU

This is exciting. Ole Miss-LSU. Unfortunately those bastards at CBS picked up this game for some reason, so it's not going to be the full Death Valley night experience, but I'm very much looking forward to it nonetheless.

And if anybody has a recommendation for a New Orleans sports bar for the games on Sunday, I'd like to hear it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Who Watches Late Night TV and Why?

I listened to Sports Guy's podcast on the changes in the Late Night talk show lineup last week. Its combination of opinion and Hollywood inside baseball was interesting in a detached observational kind of way, but it had no meaning to me whatsoever. I've never watched Jay Leno or Jimmy Kimmel. I've seen maybe 2-3 total hours of Conan and Letterman combined in my life. And while I realize that my viewing habits are not indicative of the country at large, I'm not sure that I know anybody who watches these shows. With Leno, that's to be expected, but with Kimmel, Conan, and Letterman...if millions of people are watching these shows, there should be a reasonable amount of overlap with my demographic.

NBC paid Conan O'Brien $45 million to go away. Jay Leno makes between $20 and $30 million per year. Evidently this is huge business.

On the podcast the guest mentioned that the median age of Leno viewers is something like 55 years old. 55! And this show is on really late at night. Shouldn't people that old be asleep for hours before the opening monlogue?

The median age for Conan was something like 30 years old. Now I understand that "youths" like to stay up late, but shouldn't they be watching Cartoon Network or something on youtube rather than network talk shows?

What's the allure here? These things always struck me as remnants from the 60's, when a 5 minute interview with the Angelina Jolie of the day was the only glimpse the public could get into her life. Now it just seems like a junket to publicize movies/books/TV shows/legislation. If you want more Cameron Diaz, you can just go to her website or buy all her movies or find a story in one of those ridiculous magazines. It's hard to imagine hearing her pitch her new film and chuckle at a few jokes will fill your Cameron Diaz yearning hole. I don't get it.

Also of note, they kept referring to Conan as some "young" guy. He's 47.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wild Swings

Three weeks ago the Giants were 3 point underdogs at Dallas. This week Dallas is 14 point underdogs at the Giants.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Why Were the Nets So Bad Last Year?

An update of some of the key cogs from the 12 win season:

Two weeks into the NBA season, the free agents from last season's disastrous 12-70 team are still having difficulty finding work. Josh Boone, fed up with tryouts and promises in the US, has joined the Zhejiang Whirlwinds of the Chinese Basketball Association, where he doesn't expect to stay for long.

Bobby Simmons was waived by the they could sign former teammate Chris Quinn. Rafer Alston is reportedly waiting for a job offer in Europe. Jarvis Hayes still can't find work and Sean Williams is back in the D-League. Trenton Hassell is spending time with his family in Clarksville, TN, hoping for one more call from an NBA team.

The guys in the blurb above and the presently under-employed Eduardo Najera combined to play 4998 minutes for the Nets last year, or 25.4% of all minutes played by the team. Add in Chairman Yi -- 31.8 MPG for the Nets -- currently averaging 7 and 2 in 20 MPG with the Wiz -- and currently in the league exclusively for marketing purposes -- and you've got 33.8% of available minutes going to guys who aren't NBA caliber players. That's a third of the playing time going to guys who not only shouldn't be playing, but guys who should/would consider themselves lucky to wear NBA warmups while watching games on the bench.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Les Miles - Super Genius, etc.

Les Miles has taken a lot of crap over the years, deservedly so in many cases. He's often aggressive, sometimes disorganized, but just like McGarnigle, he gets results. And he deserves some credit. LSU has now won close games against Florida and Alabama and in the process Miles has outcoached arguably the two best coaches in college football. He pantsed Meyer with the fake FG in Gainesville (inexcusable for Urban not to give a safe call for that attempt) and Miles tilted the game in his favor with three key decisions on Saturday.

1) The fake punt. Fake punts are gutsy and awesome when they work. Enough said.

2) The 4th down reverse. This was great. With about 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter, down by 1 point, Miles declined the opportunity for a 43 yard FG and went for a 4th and 1. Almost every other coach would've kicked the FG. It's the safe and conventional call and it wouldn't have been a bad decision. Miles felt like he needed more points and he was probably right. The call itself was thoroughly inspired - an off-tackle run that morphed into a reverse to a guy lined up in a wingback position. It's the kind of play that only Navy or old-school Delaware would have in their playbook. I don't think I've ever seen it before and evidently the Alabama defense hadn't either. It went for 23 yards and set up a TD, giving the Tigers a 7 point lead (failed 2-pt conversion).

3) Throwing the ball to preserve a lead. This is the big one and it's where many coaches drop the ball. Alabama had just scored a TD, cutting the LSU lead to 3. After the kickoff, LSU had the ball on their own 23 with 3:23 left and Alabama had 2 or 3 timeouts (can't remember exactly). In this situation, most coaches play it "safe" and run the ball three times hoping to get a 1st down and to take time off the clock. Miles did exactly that on 1st and 2nd down, losing 3 yards and taking the clock down to 2:49. At this point, running the ball again accomplishes nothing. It won't pick up the first down. It does force Alabama to take a time out, but that doesn't matter because they'll have 2:30 left on the clock to get into FG range for a tie or score a TD for a win. Even though it's late in the game, time is not really a factor. Getting a 1st down is the only valuable thing that the offense can do at that point and it's exactly what Miles tried. Calling for a deep pass from "much-maligned" QB Jarrett Lee would be considered "bold", but it should also be considered "smart". It's much smarter than running Ridley into the line and handing the ball over to McElroy, Jones, and the Bama O with tons of time on the clock. To his credit, Lee stepped up and drilled the pass, but Miles is the one who gave him a chance and for that he deserves credit.

Other Stuff:

- Surprising: The Raiders are 4th in the NFL in points scored per game. The Titans are first.

- The Titans are 27th in the NFL in 1st downs per game.

- Based on yardage, San Diego is #1 in the league in offense and #2 in the league in defense. They're 4-5.

- Phillip Rivers is ridiculous. 327 yards per game, 8.9 yards per attempt. Today he was 17/25 for 295 and 4 TDs throwing to S. Ajirotutu, P. Crayton, K. Wilson, J. Hester, R. McMichael, R. Mathews, D. Sproles, and M. Tolbert.

- Poor Buffalo.

- I sure hope Dallas repeats this week's effort level next Sunday at "New Meadowlands Stadium"

- Who knew that a stadium could feel so empty and lame because it doesn't have a corporate sponsor?

- In every 1:00 game, coming back from a gamebreak, one of the announcers said "The Detroit Lions are really close to becoming a really good team in this league."

- Huge win for the Tribe. Down to our 4th-string QB, we didn't call a pass the entire 2nd half and still beat New Hampshire on the road 13-3. A top 2 seed is in sight with wins @JMU and vs. Richmond.

Monday, November 01, 2010


The most interesting player of the young NBA season -- Miami's Double Canadian Joel Anthony. His lines thus far:

Game 1: 24 minutes, 0-1, 1 point, 4 boards, 2 assists, 4 blocks
Game 2: 23 minutes, 0-0, 0 points, 4 boards
Game 3: 18 minutes, 0-0, 0 points, 3 boards, 1 block
Game 4: 17 minutes, 1-1, 2 points, 7 points, 1 assist, 1 block

That's 2 shots and 3 points in 82 minutes. Twice as many blocks as points.

I took a quick look back to see how close anybody has come to registering more blocks than points over an entire season and sure enough, the closest guy from last year was our very own Joel Anthony with 109 blocks and 218 points last year. The other guys closest to the neighborhood were JaVale McGee at 101/386 and D-League star Hasheem Thabeet with 89/243.

I'd imgaine that Anthony's shots per minute pace is an all-time record low, although proving that hypothesis would be a tremendous waste of time.

- It sure seems like Mike Shanahan opened up an unnecessary can of worms with the McNabb/Grossman kerfluffle. Unless he was trying to light a fire under McNabb or create a diversion for the result of the game, it's hard to see what he was thinking there. Did Grossman really give them "a better chance to win" the win the game at that point? He's coming in cold off the bench and he's still Rex Grossman. And even if he did give them a better chance to win, how much better? And is it enough to offset all the crap the team is going to have to answer this week. Washington is not a tough media town, but they can still sink their teeth into a QB contoversy. It's just weird...

- ...but not as weird as the Randy Moss saga. What can you say about that one? After all these years he may have finally out TO-ed TO. Evidently, if Bill Belichick can't get a guy to focus then Brad Childress doesn't have much of a chance. And how about that challenge by Childress on the crystal clear intereption in the first half? There may have been worse challenges in NFL history, but I can't remember one.

- In a non-snarky way, let's give it up for Brett Favre. The guy is 41, has some kind of a broken leg and still played pretty well. Even with all the extra-curricular "stuff" I'm going to miss Brett Favre when he's gone. He's got more than his share of on- and off-field baggage, but the guy was fun to watch for a long time and in a way his mistakes made him more interesting. With Favre, there's a pretty good chance "something" would happen every time he dropped back to pass. It sounds like he's going to come back from his chin injury, but he just doesn't look the same this year and it feels like he's going to go out with a bit of a whimper.

- Giants and Rangers playing for the the world championship. Like a really weird dream come true for this guy.

- Tribe Football is holding steady at #3 in most of the major polls after last week's close loss to UNC, although that doesn't mean much at this point. We still have tough games @UNH, @JMU and vs. Richmond to wrap up the regular season. Both QBs, RB Grimes, RB Riggins and TE Gottlieb were injured in Chapel Hill and it's possible that we'll be starting our 3rd QB at New Hampshire (coming off a bye). One win should get us in the playoffs, two will guarantee a bye and three will give us a top 4 seed.

- And finally, let's give it up for modern television -- we've been able to watch five of William and Mary's eight football games so far this season. That's incredible.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Still a Bold Prediction...

...Even a day later....

Something called "Cartier Martin" will lead the Wizards in scoring on their opening night.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Real-Time Prediction

A savvy Celtics team throws tonight's game in Cleveland to ignite a media firestorm around the Heat.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some Observations

- First, the TNT NBA debut featuring the Heat is on Tuesday, not Thursday as I indicated in my previous post. Thursday would've been better.

- There seems to be some sentiment that there aren't any dominant teams in the NFL and that might be true. One piece of evidence used to support that position is lack of undefeated teams. This is a little misleading. It should be noted that what seem to be the top 4 teams at present -- Jets, Pats, Ravens, Steelers -- had four games against each other in the first five weeks. Against all other competition, those teams are 16-1.

- Miami is 0-3 at home and 3-0 on the road. Each of the three home losses have been at the hands of one of the teams mentioned in the previous bullet.

- The Giants will be the last team in the league to play a divisional opponent when they take the field at Dallas on Monday night. This is the latest that a team has played its first divisional game in NFL history. (I just made that part up, but it might be true)

- What's up with the Chargers? They're probably not very good, but still, this feels like a good time to bet on them to win the division. Their pre-season O/U was something ridiculous like 11.5, so anybody who has the under might be able to cash out rather quickly.

- What's up with the Saints? This one is more confusing -- San Diego has been on a downward trend for a few years now. Their running game and defense have been steadily deteriorating and the only thing masking it was their awful division. New Orleans is a bit more difficult to figure out. Teams favored by 14 shouldn't lose games that are over in the 3rd quarter. Either Drew Brees has a secret injury or he's tanking the season because he's just such a nice guy that he wants another city to experience the joy that he brought to New Orleans.

- The league leaders in interceptions: Charles Godfrey (4) and William Moore, Dante Parker, Earl Thomas, Alphonso Smith, and Nate Allen (3). What team do any of those guys play for? And which of them is a guy that I just made up? The's got a lot of players.

- For the record, those were the top 5 on the main ESPN stats page. There were a few more well known guys tied for 2nd -- Aqib Talib, Cedric Griffin, and Leon Hall.

- Poor Buffalo.

- Mike Singletary is building one of the more iron-clad cases for dismissal that we've seen in the past few years.

- The Lions are 1-5 with a +6 point differential.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Post

It's time for a new post and I've got nothing in mind.

- I'm still going to provide reviews for every new hour-long network TV drama. This is one promise that I'll be keeping.

- Baseball: More watchable than it's been in years. The reason -- great pitching. Not only is it a legitimate plot device, an enticing spectacle of skill, more importantly it makes the games go much, much faster. Fewer pitching changes, shorter innings -- it all adds up to holding the attention of the smart-casual fan. It's hard to remember a post-season that featured this many pitchers that can be unhittable with some regularity.

- Hockey: The season has started. And it will continue.

- NBA: It actually seems reasonable to make a hanging out and drinking night out of the the TNT's opening night, featuring the Heat and the Celtics. This is unheard of. Miami is going to be a show like we haven't seen before and the ratings are going to be incredible.

- Concussions: They're happening. And ESPN has been showing them on loop all week. It's a serious issue and deserves the attention it's receiving, but somehow the ESPN-ization of anything is able to create a backlash among blogospheric types.

- Speaking of backlashes and serious issues: It feels like the snarky revolt against breast cancer awareness has to be building somewhere. Really, shouldn't one week of pink uniform augmentations be sufficient?

- Crustiness: I've got a problem with the Conan blimp. The blimp over a sporting event should be a fixture. Evidently Goodyear couldn't cut the mustard with enough consistency so we've had to accept MetLife and DirecTV. That's enough. We can't be renting out blimps for short-term promotions. It's just not the way that things are done.

- Dick Stockton: Is far too senile to call NFL games. He'll make a baker's dozen factual errors a half.

- Anthony Kim: Allegedly withdrew from a tournament because of a night of heavy drinking in Vegas. Nice.