Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Post

It's time for a new post and I've got nothing in mind.

- I'm still going to provide reviews for every new hour-long network TV drama. This is one promise that I'll be keeping.

- Baseball: More watchable than it's been in years. The reason -- great pitching. Not only is it a legitimate plot device, an enticing spectacle of skill, more importantly it makes the games go much, much faster. Fewer pitching changes, shorter innings -- it all adds up to holding the attention of the smart-casual fan. It's hard to remember a post-season that featured this many pitchers that can be unhittable with some regularity.

- Hockey: The season has started. And it will continue.

- NBA: It actually seems reasonable to make a hanging out and drinking night out of the the TNT's opening night, featuring the Heat and the Celtics. This is unheard of. Miami is going to be a show like we haven't seen before and the ratings are going to be incredible.

- Concussions: They're happening. And ESPN has been showing them on loop all week. It's a serious issue and deserves the attention it's receiving, but somehow the ESPN-ization of anything is able to create a backlash among blogospheric types.

- Speaking of backlashes and serious issues: It feels like the snarky revolt against breast cancer awareness has to be building somewhere. Really, shouldn't one week of pink uniform augmentations be sufficient?

- Crustiness: I've got a problem with the Conan blimp. The blimp over a sporting event should be a fixture. Evidently Goodyear couldn't cut the mustard with enough consistency so we've had to accept MetLife and DirecTV. That's enough. We can't be renting out blimps for short-term promotions. It's just not the way that things are done.

- Dick Stockton: Is far too senile to call NFL games. He'll make a baker's dozen factual errors a half.

- Anthony Kim: Allegedly withdrew from a tournament because of a night of heavy drinking in Vegas. Nice.


At 10:15 AM, Blogger Igor said...

If the folks raising money for prostate cancer research got their shit together and rallied this much momentum, would the sports teams wear blue? Would anyone notice?

At 11:27 AM, Blogger T.J. said...

Jer, I sent you that link last week where Drew over at Deadspin began to chip away at the Breast Cancer Awareness stuff...

At 11:26 AM, Blogger rob said...

sny has a show called 'the wheelhouse'. i assume jerry has already filed the infringement action.

At 8:50 PM, Blogger Dave said...

concussions? ha! i've had several concussions and i still manage to write a error riddled run-on sentence every day.


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